Impacts of Slip and Fall Injury Videos

From video sharing websites to popular clip shows on television, slip and fall injury videos are often shared for the masses in an attempt to spread humor. Unfortunately, for someone involved in a slip and fall case, the video is no laughing matter and acts as a reminder of the painful injuries they may have endured.

When a recording of your slip and fall injury becomes available, there are many ways the footage could impact your case. Learn about the various impacts and how a lawyer has the ability to guide you through the tough time and represent you through your injury claim.

Video Evidence

As painful as an injury video may be to watch, the captured footage of your injury could help your case. All of the elements of the video could be used as pieces of evidence in your case. For example, if a spill caused a slip and fall injury, the video evidence could showcase the spill, how long the spill remained on the ground, and how the liquid ultimately led to your accident.

The conditions of the area could also help prove negligence on the property owners where the injury took place. For example, on inside of an office building, a moved rug or folded up carpet may have caused the accident. Damaged floor tile or missing floor sections may have also caused problems.

All of the details of the video will be analyzed by professional experts to see what elements caused the impact of your injury. With the help of an attorney, the video contents will be studied by their experts so you do not have to relive the injury over and over again.

Video Sharing

The video itself could have a big impact on your case. For example, if a person or company released the video online of your injury, you may consider filing a lawsuit for damages. The release of the video without your permission could lead to embarrassment and a personal invasion.

Along with personal video from smartphones or other cameras, security footage may leak of the video from the property owners. A lawyer may hold a company liable for allowing the footage to leak and potentially embarrassing you as a client.

A lawyer has the ability to try and stop video footage from getting released to the public so you do not have to suffer through the agony of public viewing.

Emotional Pain and Suffering

In some cases, you may not avoid the release of a video, especially if the slip and fall accident occurred in a crowded area, such as an amusement park or a shopping mall. Even if holding the person who released the video responsible is not a viable option, then you have the ability to add emotional pain and suffering to your liability case.

The emotional pain and suffering you go through due to the injury could be directly related to the video. For example, if the video gets posted to a social media website, you may feel anger, embarrassment, and shame.

Some of the emotions could lead to depression, feelings of guilt, or even a fear of being confronted with the video. All of these emotions are a real part of having a video get spread online and none of the problems would have occurred if the injury could have been prevented.

Along with the emotional issues, you may seek professional services like a therapist or counselor. In both of the situations, your bills may become a part of the lawsuit against the property owners so you have the ability to seek compensation for the treatment you need.

The impacts of your injury video may be broad and contain a lot of components. To help break the various elements down, contact our experienced lawyers at Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc. We have years of experience and can help guide you on a path to compensation for your injuries and emotional trauma.