Facial Disfigurement and Personal Injuries

No personal injury is easy to endure, but your injury is especially difficult to go through if you see the impact each day. Many people experience facial disfigurement in car accidents, construction accidents, and even as a result of medical malpractice.

If you are struggling with facial disfigurement, keep reading. We may be able to help you.


How Does Facial Disfigurement Happen?

Unfortunately, facial disfigurement is not as uncommon as you might think. People become disfigured in car accidents and other accidents that involve facial impact. A broken nose or laceration along the face can have a significant impact on the face, even after the body heals. Some scars may remain prominent forever.

Often, disfigurement happens when one party acts negligently. The negligent party may have caused a car accident or otherwise cause an injury that led to impact. Other times, the injury could have been purposeful. For example, one party might have punched the other in the face, leading to the permanent disfigurement of the nose.


What Are the Types of Facial Disfigurement?

Many types of injuries fall into the scope of facial disfigurement, and these injuries are by no means the entire spectrum of what you might face.

Facial fractures are one type of disfigurement that can have lasting consequences. Jaw, skull, and cheek bone fractures are all common with facial impacts. Broken noses, eye sockets, and bones surrounding the mouth are also all too common.

Cuts and lacerations are also common, especially when glass was involved in your accident. Deep cuts can leave lasting marks on the face that even cosmetic surgery struggles to remedy.

Finally, many clients complain of traumatic brain injuries in association with these other injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, which include concussions, also alter a person's mental and physical well-being.


What Impact Does Facial Disfigurement Have?

Facial disfigurement can severely impact an individual's life. First, it can have an emotional impact. Some people experience extremely low self-esteem following the accident and may even feel embarrassed to leave home. Essentially, the emotional toll of facing facial disfigurement can be psychologically tormenting.

Facial disfigurement can also obviously have a physical impact on the way a person lives. Some people struggle to learn to speak again after some injuries, and some people also struggle to eat for some time.

Some people may be unable to work after disfigurement, and they could live in physical pain for weeks and months following the injury. Surgeries meant to correct the disfigurement can also be painful.

Finally, disfigurement impacts one's financial situation. Not only are corrective surgeries expensive, but you may not be able to work while you are recovering. You might even have to change your career field, which can be devastating.


What Should You Do After Experiencing Facial Disfigurement?

Based on the impact facial disfigurement has on your life, you may sue the individual or organization responsible for your injury. You may recover finances for lost wages and medical bills. Some plaintiffs even recover pain and suffering from injuries like yours. Speak with an attorney today to learn about your options.

Time matters in your case. California has a statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits. You can only file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the incident, even if you still have scars and marks.

Placing a value on your specific case is difficult without a consultation with an attorney. Blomberg Benson & Garrett offers aggressive legal services throughout the Inland Empire. Call us today to speak with a member of our team and arrange for a meeting. We are excited to help you regain some of what you have lost.