Valdez case Anulled.

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A divided Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) concluded that a medical report is inadmissible if it has been prepared by a person who is not part of a medical provider network established pursuant to Labor Code section 4616 et seq. We granted the petition for a writ of review filed by the employee, Elayne Valdez, because of the importance of the issues raised by the parties. We conclude that the rule of exclusion laid down by section 4616.6 applies only when there has been an independent medical review performed under the authority of section 4616.4. We therefore annul the decision of the WCAB and remand with directions for further proceedings that are consistent with this opinion.
This is a major win for Injured Workers.  The unpublished opinion can be found at:
Not Officially Published
(Cal. Rules of Court, Rules 8.1105 and 8.1110, 8.1115)
2012 WL 1925662
Court of Appeal,

Second District, California.

ELAYNE VALDEZ, Petitioner,
Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board and Warehouse Demo Services et Al. respondents.
No. B237147
Filed May 29, 2012