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Anesthesia being administeredAn anesthesiologist performs one of the most important steps during an operation, which is to ensure that the surgery is carried out smoothly, and most of all, painlessly for the patient. However, there are still cases where anesthesia errors occur, and the effects of such errors can be devastating for the patient and their loved ones.

Some of the common types of anesthesia errors include the following: using too little or too much anesthesia; using the wrong type of drug or using a drug that a patient is allergic to; delayed delivery of anesthesia; the usage of defective equipment during administration; failure to properly monitor a patient during and after anesthesia has been administered; and failure to inform patients of the proper steps and procedures to take prior to administration. The effects of these kinds of errors can range from simple dizziness, to more severe results such as organ damage, spinal injury, birth defects, seizures, anesthesia awareness (wherein too little anesthesia has been administered, and the patient becomes completely immobilized but is conscious during the procedure), and even coma and death.

In these types of medical malpractice cases, our team at Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc. is dedicated to aggressively pursuing litigation against negligent medical practitioners until the affected patients receive proper compensation. Having successfully represented clients in California who have experienced the horrors resulting from anesthesia errors, we remain focused in providing much-needed legal assistance and representation to those whose lives were negatively affected by such negligence.

If you require assistance for a medical malpractice case such as anesthesia errors, please contact our offices at 909-453-4370. We are offering free consultation with our medical malpractice lawyers in California, and we do not charge any attorney’s fees until a case has been won and compensation had been successfully obtained for our clients.