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Surgical errors is one of the most common forms of medical malpractice

Anybody who has ever had to be treated at a hospital wants nothing more than to get back to health and return to their daily lives. However, there are instances when things can go very wrong for people undergoing treatment, and one of these instances includes surgical errors.

A surgical error can involve incidents such as surgeons injuring other parts of the body during surgery, leaving foreign objects inside a patient after an operation, performing an operation on the wrong location, or even performing an operation on the wrong patient. These are often caused by factors that include one or more of the following: fatigue; poor communication among hospital staff; incomplete or improper work processes; insufficient preoperative planning; the influence of drugs or alcohol; or plain incompetence or neglect. More often than not, patients who are affected by surgical errors are left with the burden of diminished quality of life, ballooning medical bills, and in some cases, even wrongful death.

Our firm, Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc., and our team of experienced and successful California medical malpractice lawyers understand the hardships that victims of medical malpractice and surgical errors suffer through. This is why we are dedicated to aggressively pursuing litigation in cases like these until compensation has been rightfully obtained for the affected parties. We have been providing our services to many individuals in the California area, and we have consistently represented victims of surgical errors with successful outcomes for many years.

If you feel that you have been affected by surgical errors at any level of severity, and you wish to know more about your rights, you can contact us at 909-453-4370 to set up an appointment for a free consultation with our medical malpractice lawyers. Take note that we do not charge any attorney’s fees until your case has been concluded successfully.