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In California, boating is considered a fun hobby and a great way to enjoy the ocean, rivers and lakes throughout the state. However, along with this are risks that make boats just as dangerous as any land-bound motor vehicle. This can result in accidents leading to personal injury and even death for those who do not take the necessary safety precautions.

There are many causes for boating accidents. Among these causes include careless or reckless operation of the watercraft, excessive speeds that can result in crashes, inebriated boat operators and inexperience, as well. This is why safety and responsibility of handling watercraft has always been an important factor for many of the state and Federal lawmakers.

We at Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc. have a team of experienced legal experts who are prepared to handle any case or incident involving boating accidents. We are prepared to go through an extensive litigation process to ensure that you are properly compensated for any water mishaps and that you won’t have to worry about any legal repercussions that will ensue from the case.

Boat involved in an accident

Our personal injury and negligence services for boat accidents cover many types of boats and watercraft, including:

  • Sailboats
  • Yachts
  • Jet Skis and Wave Runners
  • Cabin Cruisers
  • Inflatable and Semi Rigid Inflatable Rafts
  • Airboats
  • Kayaks, paddleboats and canoes

While there are numerous perils that exist which cannot be controlled while riding a boat, there are many precautionary procedures that must be followed while operating or riding a watercraft to ensure your safety. The simple act of wearing a life jacket and staying attentive is enough to do your part in avoiding or minimizing accidents. Instances where safety procedures are not properly followed can be considered negligence. Any form of negligence on the part of the boat operator or its passengers will be thoroughly investigated by our experienced legal team.

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