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Train derailed from tracksDue to their large size and weight, trains can cause a variety of accident injuries as well as large amounts of property damage, and sometimes even fatalities. California has been identified as one of the top five states with the highest number of train accidents per year. A majority of these accidents are caused by derailments, owing to the poor maintenance of the trains and their equipment.

Common causes of derailment are damaged tracks, problems with the train wheels or the train itself, weather conditions, and collisions with objects on the tracks or with another train. Regardless of the cause of the accident, determining who is at fault can be a complicated matter. Investigating the incident and gathering all pertinent evidence is an integral part of the deliberation process. This requires specialized knowledge and legal skills specific to these types of cases.

At Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc., our attorneys are equipped with the required knowledge and experience in order to handle claims against larger-scale defendants, which in the case of a train accident, can be the train company that owns the train involved. Our attorneys are also well-versed in the Federal Railroad Administration safety regulations which may affect your train accident claim. We have successfully handled personal injury claims against these companies and insurance carriers in order to obtain the appropriate compensation for our clients' losses. 

If you or a loved one happens to have been involved in a train accident, call us at 909-453-4370 immediately in order to obtain professional legal counsel. Attorney fees will not be charged until the matter is resolved for your train accident damage claim. You may also leave an inquiry at our Contact Us page.