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Worker injured while at a construction site

Since 2010, there have been around 800 deaths on average per year and injuries reaching up to tens of thousands at construction sites across the state. Agencies like the California Occupational and Safety Health educates construction companies on safety regulations to prolong workers' lives, well-being, and careers.

Construction workers have the right to fair warning about the hazards they face in their line of work. If a particular hazard is identified, the managers need to communicate the danger and cascade the information down to the workers. Finally, supervisors will need to take care of the safety issue in order to promote a safe environment for the crew.

Here are some of the common accidents that happen in a construction site:

  1. Falls which can result in broken bones, spinal injury and lacerations.
  2. Burns which come from handling hot or chemical materials.
  3. Construction vehicle accidents where heavy equipment figure in injuries.
  4. Scaffolding accidents which result in fall injuries.
  5. Trench accidents that arise from working on below-ground sites.
  6. Superintendent and Contractor Negligence happens when higher-ups are culpable to workplace safety issues.
  7. Ironwork and Welding accidents which could result in burns and impalements.
  8. Wrongful death in the sense that they could have been prevented by proper safety regulations compliance.

When a construction accident occurs, minor scrapes and bruises can be counted as a blessing since mishaps on-site can be devastating and brutal. Should the unthinkable happen, a construction worker may end up with injuries that can compromise his and his family’s future. Behind all of the statistics and regulations of safety and labor agencies, an important truth is underscored: a construction worker’s only true investment and instrument for livelihood is his or her body. 

The attorneys at Blomberg, Benson, and Garett, Inc. understand this fundamental truth well. Although we will help you get your workers’ compensation benefits, the fight does not end there. We will investigate the events behind your injury, determine who had the responsibility to keep you safe and tip the scales to your side so you can better manage you and your family’s needs.

Call us now for a free consultation at 909-453-4370 or message us through our Contact Us page. Your future and of the ones you love should not necessarily be compromised by an accident.