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Stack of papers containing licensesA license is not just a piece of paper in your wallet. It is authority granted to you to practice your profession. Not only a mark of years of study, mastery, and expertise, it defines your way of life. When your license is in question, it is time to get in touch with a lawyer who will represent and defend your reputation and your practice.

Although the state of California offers a lot of opportunities for professionals, California administrative agencies are tough regulators when it comes to licenses. The Medical Board of California is thorough in screening applicants; minor details can be cause for issues with evaluation and the possible declining of the licensee. Customers also hold high standards in the Sunshine State. Breaches in the quality of practice can lead to licensure hearings and revocation.

Here are some administrative issues you might encounter during the course of your practice:

  • Disciplinary Hearings Possibly Leading to Revocation – in the course of your career, there can be instances in which your practice is put into question. Representing yourself is not advisable, as faulty testimony can cost you your license. You will need the services of professionals when it comes to hearings involving your livelihood.
  • Temporary Suspension of License – when the administrative body conducts an investigation on cases involving malpractice, Interim Suspension Orders (ISO) are often issued which will prevent the accused to work. Administrative lawyers can work to prevent the suspension order from being carried out.
  • License Application Denials/Statements of Issue – administrative boards conduct strict background checks in order to make sure that applicants have the necessary qualities in order to conduct a professional practice. There will be instances that applications get denied. A lawyer can bring light to the reasons behind the denial and help resolve the decision.
  • Defense against Citations – when incidents occur that negatively affect your practice, citations can be docked in your records. This can affect your reputation and the way your board will perceive your work in the future. A lawyer can help defend you from such citations and keep your records clean.
  • Writs and Appeals – a negative ruling affecting your practice of your discipline is not always final. Your lawyer can find you recourse to keep the effects of the ruling from happening.
  • Reinstatement of Licenses – if you’ve lost your license, a lawyer can help you get reinstated.
  • History of Substance Abuse/Criminal Conviction – mistakes in the very distant past, provided that they are no longer being repeated in the present, should not affect how you are treated by administrative bodies. Lawyers can review your records and determine whether these bodies should be privy to these episodes. They can also advise you on how to minimize the effects of the past issues on your present practice.

When legal obstacles appear in the practice of your profession, it is time to call Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc. Our firm is committed to bringing you a highly personal legal service. We will take away the confusion behind your administrative issues, represent your best interests with licensing organizations and do so with the highest levels of professionalism and service that you give your own clients.

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