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Liquor bottles

The Romans used to say “In Vino Veritas” or "there is truth in the vine." An establishment with a liquor license uncorks a bevy of potential clients and increases its revenues through alcohol. If you intend to open a business involving alcohol, then it would be prudent to be knowledgeable about the different legal requirements.

Since alcohol is listed as a controlled substance, supply is regulated and a liquor license is required in order to manufacture, trade, sell, and serve it. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is the government body which regulates, enforces rules, and grants licenses concerning liquor in the state.

The ABC grants a total of 86 kinds of licenses depending on the following: the kind of establishment you want to open; whether the sale of the alcohol is on or off-site; if the consumption is limited to beer or wine or distilled spirits; whether there is food involved; and whether the sale or consumption is isolated to a single event or part of a continuing business practice.

Here are the major categories for licenses:

  1. Temporary Licenses – this license category is reserved for events where alcohol may be sold, consumed or served.
  2. Non-profit Temporary Licenses – if a non-profit organization wants to host a function where they can serve or sell alcohol, this is the category it needs to look at.
  3. Off-sale Licenses – this license allows an establishment to sell alcohol, but the caveat is that the buyers need to consume their buys off the site.
  4. On-sale Licenses – for establishments that aim to sell and serve alcohol and allow customers to consume them in the confines of their business, the on-sale license permits that. Applicants will have to take note of certain restrictions on certain licenses in this category like the allowance or disallowance of minors in their business establishments.
  5. Non-Retail Licenses – this license category is reserved for traders, importers and manufacturers of alcohol and a license for professions of wine importers, blenders, rectifiers, etc.

Although the information presented here is simple, the process of applying for a license can be complicated and confusing, as there are many forms to fill out and regulations and standards with which to comply. Why go through the hassle of identifying what license to apply for, running through all the paperwork, and representing yourself with the ABC, when Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc. can make it convenient for you?

Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc. has the experience needed to make your liquor license application fast and efficient. You can get in touch with us by calling 909-453-4370 or by sending us a message at our Contact Us Page.