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Cases of sexual assault in the State of California are always considered as serious matters and it is vital to have the assistance and advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. There will be many elements within the proceedings that can get confusing for people who are not familiar with the state’s systems and laws, and this may lead to their inability to successfully defend or prosecute. 

Sexual assault is usually defined as touching the intimate parts on a victim’s body without their consent. There is also sexual battery wherein the victim was touched without consent while being restrained in some way or form. If it is followed by intercourse without consent, then the case escalates to that of rape. In cases that involve sexual assault, however, many factors can come into play, including physical evidence and intent. 

At Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc., we understand that sexual assault cases require expertise, delicacy, and dedication in order to provide legal assistance to victims and their families, or to the accused. Whether you believe you have been a victim, or if you have been accused of sexual assault, our team of criminal defense lawyers is committed to aggressively pursuing the best possible outcomes for all of our clients and their cases. Sexual assault defense lawyers in California

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