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Weapons Charges defense lawyers in California

In the State of California, carrying a weapon or firearm may come with several consequences which can range from fines to felony charges, all depending on a number of factors. Weapons charges can ensue from situations such as the following: sale or purchase of a firearm; the possession of an assault weapon; carrying a concealed weapon; aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; improper handling of a firearm in a vehicle; or firing into an occupied building. Cases can be aggravated for individuals who may have past criminal records, because convicted felons are prohibited from possessing and carrying weapons and firearms.

There are many facets and definitions that must be taken into consideration, however, and procedures can get confusing for those who are not familiar with the state’s weapons laws. This is why it is important to get represented by experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyers who can fight for your case and guide you on the proper procedures when faced with weapons charges. There are many possible ways to defend against most types of weapons charges, and our team at Blomberg, Benson & Garrett, Inc. are committed to assisting our clients in achieving the best possible outcomes in their cases.

If you are faced with a weapons charge, we will be more than happy to hear about your case and provide you with critical advice. To speak with a criminal defense lawyer and know more about your rights, call us at 909-453-4370 to set an appointment for a free consultation. Feel free to utilize our Contact Us page.