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Man drinking while driving a vehicle

Being pulled over for drunk driving has serious implications and can create undue anxiety for anyone finding themselves in this situation. Apart from getting your license suspended, there are other possible criminal penalties that can be sanctioned on the offender including: payment of fines, jail time, community service, and restitution for damages.

Depending on the severity of the case, a person may be charged with a simple misdemeanor offense or go as far as a felony if the situation calls for it. This is why knowing the scope of the charges and educating yourself is a good way to safeguard your rights and your own personal safety.

Definition of DUI

In the state of California, Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is defined as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while operating a vehicle. In other states, the terms DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) and OVI/OMVI (Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated) are used and are technically the same thing under different terminologies.

A test is usually given to establish whether or not an individual is intoxicated. This commonly utilizes a breath, blood or urine test, which measures a threshold of 0.08% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) to verify intoxication. Minors caught drinking may be charged while having a lower BAC than 0.08%. Individuals with BAC lower than 0.08% may still be charged if found to be impaired and unfit to drive safely.

However, it is possible that these tests may be inaccurately administered by the arresting officer, and perhaps even embellished. It is important to ask for a copy of all recorded evidence, should an investigation push through, to provide a proper account of the incident.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with DWI or DUI, rest assured that Blomberg, Benson and Garrett, Inc. in The Inland Empire will be there to assist you in any legal procedures throughout the case. We have experienced lawyers on staff who are familiar with all the local California laws and Federal laws related to DUI offense. We will thoroughly investigate all evidence and go through all the proper litigation channels to ensure that you receive a favorable verdict.

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